There are a couple of various reasons for wanting to have an wireless speaker for your laptop or computer. One would be for potability or the freedom to not trip on wires. As for myself, it’s because of my faulty audio jack. Its current state is that, whenever I plug in a headset, it only plays on the left ear at below average volume. It will only play on both ears if I adjust the way the pin is inserted. Most of the time it will require to have the pin inserted mid-way for it to work as intended but even that kind of solution is temporal only. So seeing as I have a “smart” phone, why not use it instead right?

  1. Download SoundWire Server from http://georgielabs.cjb.net/.
  2. Download and install SoundWire from Google Play.
  3. Install the SoundWire Server.
  4. Run the server and take note of the IP address displayed on it.
  5. Next, open SoundWire on your phone and enter the IP you saw on the server.
  6. Tap on the SoundWire logo on top of the entry box and if everything goes as planned, it will now say “Connected” on the SoundWire Server.
And you’re set! With this setup, you can now mute your volume control on the laptop and the sound will still play on the phone. The good thing about this (and for my situation too) is that, if you plug in your headset to your phone, it will now serve as a wireless headset. Or at least, wireless in terms of not having to worry you might pull accidentally on your headset if you move away from the laptop.
If you are experiencing delays in the audio, you might want to go into Audio buffer size in Settings and set it to a smaller value. I’ve personally found that setting it to 32k produces an almost seamless audio experience.

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