increase-download-speed-in-idmAs we all know IDM (Internet Download Manager) is one of the leading download manager in the world. It is used by so many users worldwide. It having the ability to increase the speed of downloading than any other download manager. To increase the speed of downloading in IDM we have one great application called IDM optimizer.
IDM Optimizer: This software is doing nothing but creates some registry entry and modify some important registry of IDM. IDM has the registry of connection speed and max number of connection which is been modified by this IDM Optimizer software. This will help to increase download speed in IDM.

How to download and use IDM Optimizer to increase download speed in IDM:

1. First of all you are required to download IDM Optimizer application. Download link is given at the bottom of this post.
2. Now open the download, unzip it and run IDM Optimizer. The below screen will be displayed – Click on Maximize Now.
3. If it works successfully then you will require to restart IDM. Below screen will be displayed. Restart your IDM and now you have done with this trick. Check downloads, download speed in IDM will be increased by 10%+.

Download IDM Optimizer

Important: If you find any type of error in IDM or you faced IDM Crashing then open IDM optimizer. Click on restore default option. This option will reset the registry setting of IDM. Now restart your IDM and now it is as it was before.
My Experience:
This software is used by me and I have never faced any crashing problem. I have also noticed little increase in downloading speed in idm. This application works best in multi-downloading. I got much increments in downloading when I download multiple file at a times. I can say my IDM download speed was increase by 20%.
Now it’s your turn to use this IDM Optimizer and increase download speed. If you find any difficulties or face any error, comment here. We will guide you at our best.

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