Hello friends Today i will tell you the trick to create windows log on sound with your name.....
To do this plz follow the following steps...

(1) First of all open notepad from your computer.
(2)Copy and Paste the below code in notepad..

Dim speaks, speech
Set speech=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
speech.Speak speaks

(3)Change the (Akash) To that you want,,suppose ur name,,then pc speaks your name...

(4)after Step3 Save file to the desktop with name (Name.vbs). Also don't forget to change the Save As type to All types..
(5)Then Go to Start>>all programs>>startup
(6)In startup Right click and open it..
(7)Drag or Paste Name.vbs Into it...

Done Done Done
Now When you logn your pc,,,your pc speaks that you want..

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